“Shield never fogged up providing clear field of view”
Anti-fog Shield

Parashield’s anti-fog shield is not coated with a water-shedding coating, but the material itself has a function to absorb fine moisture droplets, which cause fog, and to evaporate them, thus the function will never be deteriorated and it is also possible to re-use the shield depending upon maintenance, such as sterile filtration.

Anti-fog shield Material Triacetylcellulose
Size 207 mm horizontal × 71 mm vertical
Toxicity information This product will never be harmful to people’s health in normal handling method (original usage state).
Ignition temperature Approximately 430 °C
Gas generated at the time of combustion Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen compound, smoke, aldehyde, etc. are generated.
Cautions for storage Avoid direct sunlight, and store the products in a location at low temperature and with low humidity (recommended: 15 to 20 °C of temperature and 45 to 55 % of relative humidity). Do not pour water, solvent, gas, etc. onto the product or its package.

“Light and easy on skin”
β-Titanium Frame

A frame of Parashield is made from β-titanium, which is a semi-permanently usable material. Since this is a material where its specific gravity is light, and that has a spring property, it excels in fitting performance and is used for a material of high-grade eyeglasses. Further, since the surface is polished, it excels in hygiene at the time of re-use, as well.

β titanium frame Material β-titanium
Size Standard type: 134 mm horizontal × 167 mm vertical
Glass-on type: 153 mm horizontal × 167 mm vertical
Weight Standard type: 8 g
Glass-on type: 9 g