About titanium frame

  • The titanium frame is not sterilized. If sterilization is required, sterilize the frame with a disinfection method for small steel articles and use it.
  • The titanium frame is made from a β-titanium material that is easy on humans, but if itch or irritation occurs to a part that makes contact with the skin, stop using the frame.
  • Slowly wear or remove the titanium frame by holding the temples with both hands. If the frame is put on or removed with one hand or is put on or removed in haste, you may hurt your eye or face with the end of the temple. Use caution when placing or removing the frame.
  • The titanium frame has a structure where its fitting is adjustable, and if the fitting is wrongly adjusted, the fitting performance inversely becomes worsened. Further, you may be hurt with the end of the temple at the time of adjustment, use causation when adjusting.

About anti-fog shield

  • Protective sheets are attached to both surfaces of the shield. Make certain to peel off the protective sheets before using. If you use the frame with the protective sheets attached, it is dangerous because your field of view will become fogged up.
  • Because the thickness of the shield is thin at 0.3 mm or less, an improper use may cause to scratching of the skin, such as the hand or the face. Further, because the transparency is high, the eyes may fail to recognize the films. Carefully use this product so as not to hurt your eyes and so as not to scratch your skin.
  • The shield is not sterilized. Be careful of sterilization with the use of inappropriate chemicals, such as organic solvents, because it may cause deterioration or damage of the films.
  • The shield is a disposable product for the purpose of a disposable use. If the shield is re-used by washing or sterilizing, etc. some stains attached onto the shield, its use will be at a user’s responsibility.
  • The shield is for simply protecting the “eyes”, but not for complete protection of the “eyes”.